Thursday, June 28, 2007

So Wages the War

It will never cease, it will never relent. This is due to the enemy's unwillingness to give up their unwavering expansionist crusade. I'm sure that if the weeds stopped, the humans wouldn't give them a second thought.

And so I was hired into this hopeless war.

Bodies scrambled to and fro, each catering to their specific task. The sky was filled that day with grey wisps that were strewn across the sky, as if someone had been scraping their feet as they strolled across the blue expanse. The bodies didn't notice they sky. They never do.

It is over this metropolis of taraxacum officinale and panicum dichotomiflorum that my shadow is cast. High above the bustle, the leather gloves are slid on sealing the fate of the civilization below. In only a matter of minutes their world will come crashing down; a vain attempt to save their home will be made but in the end, only one will walk away from that battle.

Standing up from the razed flowerbed, I look to the once thriving weeds now dying on the ground beside me. I know that after I leave, the process will begin again. They will rebuild, the next time stronger than the last and perhaps one day they shall be the victors.

That was but one city I destroyed that day but there were many that fell to my strong arms and determined weed tool. There was one one city that was keener than the rest. Not only had it grown to a much greater size, but it stored a quite a punch for those who dared to upset it. It was in this battle that I experienced my first loss and the inevitable incapacitation for the rest of the day.

I moved in first where the structures were thinnest. I thought it would be easier to work from the outsides in, rather than dive headfirst into the encampment and be surrounded on all sides. These weeds though had strategically placed themselves amongst a rose garden and that was to my defense's dismay.

Knelt down so as to get under the roses, my senses were then dangerously close to the enemy. It was in this position, body low, arms outstretched, that my enemy began it's attack. Using it's position, the enemy gained the upper hand. During our battles I was often caused pricked and scraped from the surrounding rose stalks. This was how they drew first blood. It would not be the last time that day.

I dredged on, working past their expansionist colonies and their petty prickled troops.But I dared not raise my eyes above the current battle or I was disheartened. In the distance I saw the center of their colony. Spindly vines carried the enemy up the rose bushes and to the top of the nearby pear tree. From that aerial position they could plan out their steady conquest of the Short's backyard empire. This is what I was battling, an unfeeling, unmerciful opponent. I lowered my eyes and wiped my brow, they would soon feel the power of my resolve.

I cleared the perimeter of that garden but no matter how I reached I could not get past the thorns or stalks of the allied vegetation; the pear tree and the roses were actually hindering my progress. There was but one option left. I dove into the greenery and found myself in darkness.

I blinked my eyes and scrunched my nose. My advance into the darkness had temporarily hindered my sight thrown up debris that brought havoc to my nose. I took a moment to familiarize myself with the new surroundings. A fence was at my back and in front of me lay the backside of the pear tree and roses. I had gained access to the infrastructure and from here I could annihilate their entire city.

I reached for the roots, I clenched and pulled. These structures were deeper, thicker, harder, and had bigger thorns. It would take more than just my arms to wrench them out. I crouched down and unleashed my backup; two mighty legs pushed and two solid arms pulled. And so it was that the stem came undone. I reached up and pulled spindly vines from the trees and branches, I ripped and tore, pulled and chopped, until there was little left of a once blossoming kingdom. Though they had lost this battle, it was not long after I had jumped back out of the darkness that I realized how much damage they had done. Looking to my arms they were bleeding and inflamed. My eyes now watered and the desire to rub them was overwhelming! My nose screamed in irritation and tried desperately to expel this ghastly biological agent that had descended upon it.

There was little hope of any more battles that day. The damage was dealt and I left that day a miserable man. Had it not been for the anti agent Benadryl I may not have survived. I slept a long drug induced sleep that night. Wearily in the morning, I opened my no longer puffy eyes to the realization that it would start all over again. And so it did.

So Wages the War.