Monday, July 2, 2007

The Good Fairies of New York

Read it.

I can't really describe it; nothing I could say would do it justice. However, I will say that Martin Millers book was an incredibly fun read, quick, packed full of outrageous characters, a very entangled plot line, and a great deal of Scottish culture (as the two main fairies are Scottish) and Greek history (as the author loves Greek history)

Here's a description from the introduction. Unoriginal... I know.

"Millar writes like Kurt Vonnegut might have written, if he'd been born fifty years later in a different country and hung around with entirely the wrong sort of people... The Good Fairies of New York is a story that starts when Morag and Heather, two eighteen-inch fairies with swords and green kilts and badly-dyed hair fly through the window of the worst violinist in New York, an overweight and antisocial type named Dinnie, and vomit on his carpet...It has a war in it, and a most unusual production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Johnny Thunders' New York Dolls guitar solos. What more could anyone desire from a book?... Read it now, and then make your friends buy their own copies. You'll thank me one day."--Neil Gaiman

You heard the man! Go buy one! I bought one for a friend, now it's your turn.


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