Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Good Ship Adventuress

My time aboard the Good Ship Adventuress is over... for now! I'll be back mark my words. I miss it dearly. I can't say thanks enough to the people that have helped me seize this opportunity, I cannot express how deeply I love the crew who I've come to know so well, and I wish I could describe how much I'm attached to the ship itself. Hopefully I can look back on my journaling and write some interesting blogs but at the moment, things are getting crazy.

My first problem is the passport. I turned in my application months ago but I recently received an email telling me it was going to be voided because there were two names on the form. That is not the first time this has happened, I seem to remember weeks and weeks of phone tag with the UW Admissions sorting out the exact same problem. We've taken the steps to sort it out, I can only hope it'll be here within the week.

The second problem is housing at Bristol. They sent me an email accepting me to housing, that was about two weeks ago. The due date was the 20th. I read it for the first time this morning. Yikes. I sent two emails and made an international phone call with no success. I have to call between 1 in the morning to about 6 in the morning to be able to catch the working hours over there. Yikes again. That'll be happening tomorrow morning.

The third problem is that I have all these ideas and knowledge still floating around that need writing. How to haul back the anchor, how to lower, drive, and haul in Jefe (our small boat), gifts I want to get for some of the crew, fancywork that I want to work on (like decorating my mug, making a ditty bag, and a knife/spike sheath). I need to get them on paper before I lose the ideas.

Fourth. I have to see Teddy before he leaves today. I have to go to my step brothers birthday on the mainland. Riley's birthday was two days ago so I have to congratulate him for that, I have to call Devin and see that guy, Nicole was calling wanting to come to the island today, I need to get tickets to bumbershoot still but I have no money... etc. and where am I going to find the time to do all this, and still accomplish the other three problems above!?

Lucky for me I wake up at 7 these days. Thanks to the Good Ship.

I'm not stressing about it. Take it as it comes, it'll work out. More later,

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