Friday, November 16, 2007

The Duality of Man

My reading of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde over the course of the week somehow seems suiting on this rather bleak Friday morning. The duality of man, the struggle of good and evil within, often seems a passing thought. But you really begin to ponder it when you become a victim of that evil side of man; like when someone breaks in an steals your laptop.

So it has been the case with me.

Between 7 last night and 10:45 someone entered my room and took nothing but my laptop. I supposed I should be grateful for that, but honestly... I don't have anything else to steal. That fact is a rather sore one. Everyone around me has filled their respective spaces with things from home and nice rugs, or bedspreads, pictures, little knick knacks. I have the most meager room in the house and yet I'm the one that becomes the victim of crime and the one thing that was actually of worth was taken from me. For shame!

It was my stupid mistake. There is an upper window and a lower window. The lower window is constantly closed but is large enough to enter in and out of if one should want...

The upper window is a smaller vent window. It locks with a lever. While I was under the impression that it was shut, in light of recent events, I've come to a hypothesis about what happened.

Sometimes when I go to close it, the level goes down and the window feels shut. However, the window gets shut into a sort of half position, not quite closed, not necessarily open. I believe it got locked in this half position and with a little shimmy tool on the outside it was opened thereby allowing the larger window to open.

I keep looking out my window hoping it'll just show up there, right outside my window, or maybe they'll get a change of heart and put it through the mail slot. Unlikely is the case but I can't help but wish for it.

I rearranged my room almost immediately after the police left last night. Couldn't stand to be close to that window. Can't really stand to be in that room. I don't think i'll be spending any time in it anymore if I can help it, it's just a place to sleep and dress to me now, and it'll never be anything more.

Gotta go to class. Life goes on. Lesson learned. This one hurt a lot.

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