Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm in the midst of writing an account of my Irish Adventure, but I'm going to forgo that so I can rant about my current frustration.

I'm sick. It sucks.

I have all these plans, these things I want to do. First and foremost on this list is to shed the ten pounds I acquired on my tour abroad. To do so would require exercise; running, biking, working out, the works. I have created an extensive workout plan over the last few months that I've been itching to integrate into my daily life. Now that I'm back home, all I want to do is dive into this new routine and make this workout scheme a foundational habit for the rest of my life. After waiting so long to start this workout routine, and now being within such an intimate proximity to it, I'm highly irritated at this relatively minor sickness that is, with surprising persistence, stealing my attention and energy away from courting my beautiful new fitness programme.

Logic tells me to humour this sickness, and stay with it until our relationship is over. This relationship was, however, forced upon me by uncontrollable circumstances, and while I must see it too its end, my heart yearns for another.

I'm also very restless. I've been on a plane for 12 hours, I was traveling for something like 15, i didn't sleep for 25 straight hours on the way back, and since I've been back all I've been doing is visiting family, sitting, eating, and sleeping. Sounds like some people's dreams. Not mine. I've been stationary for long enough. I want to get out and move; I want to run, I want to be outside. But again, not wanting to become even more sick, I'm remaining fairly stationary. I feel like a caged animal; caged by my own accord with the knowledge that leaving the cage now is potentially worse than being cooped up in it.

Anyway, you get the idea. I'm sick and restless.

To state some other irritations: The massive amount of things to do before schools starts is epic. My glasses are broken which means I can't see anything. Which will also postpone my trip to Seattle because I can't drive on the freeway like that. My Elvis-esque microphone has died. It was working last night but now it's... dead. So I'll need to fix that. Today I'm frustrated by a massive amount of minor irritations bombarding me. Needless to say, I'm not handling them well.

However! I met a man in Scotland named Brian. He told me to always look for some good in the bad. I'll try that now.

The inability to go-go-go immediately after my return might be a good thing. If I had been able to, I might possibly have worn myself into sickness anyway.

Also, being unable to exercise is making me want to do it all the more. So when that day does come... It'll feel amazing.

As for the glasses, I was very lucky they didn't break while I was abroad. Now that I'm here, I can get them fixed in a more timely manner, and perhaps even get a spare.

The Microphone Breaking... well... that just sucks. But hopefully it'll jump back to life like it's been doing. Maybe if i take it apart... but that's scary. Haha

Ok I'm done. I really needed to rant a bit.


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