Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post nubila Phoebus

The above phrase has entered my life through the book The Nelson Touch: The Life and Legend of Horatio Nelson. Nelson's translation is, "After clouds come sunshine." Another translation that I have found online, one which I prefer, is, "After clouds, the sun." Nelson sent the phrase in a letter to his wife after he was awarded a ship from the Admiralty.

I have found myself clinging to this phrase recently, saying it out loud randomly and telling others about it. To me, it is in contrast with Carpe Diem, which means seize the day. Post nubila Phoebus expresses more patience; tough out the hard times, and the sun will eventually come.

Without question, the clouds are my schoolwork, and the post-graduation decisions about travel and work. With only two and a half weeks of instruction left, my assignments seem disproportional to the remaining time.

Interpersonal Communication requires 9 more critical reflection essays (luckily they are short) based of 9 required readings, a research paper and presentation due this upcoming Monday, and the final exam.

Interviewing requires just as many readings, a 30 minute interview, a 10 page research paper, a quiz, a resume, cover letter, references, a portfolio, and a final exam interview.

Public Relations and Society requires a 20 minute class presentation and 2 more quizzes. Luckily, no final.

I also have agreed to give a presentation to a local school about Sound Experience and the Adventuress on Monday after school. Along with ship-related things, we will be putting holiday lights on the ship this Sunday, and will be having a very cool Historic Ships Holiday Open House next weekend, which I am a volunteer for as well.

The above have been things pertaining to the here and now, but many questions have recently developed about what I am going to do in the future. Hannah, my darling girlfriend, has been accepted to Yosemite Institute and will be going there in January. I have already agreed to work on the Adventuress for the first 2 months of her winter mainenance. So the question was, "do I stay and see the project through, or do I go and support Hannah with her new job?"

The answer should have been easy, but I have been selfishly holding onto the hope that I would get to see the entire ship-project from start to finish. Or perhaps is was fear of the uncertainty surrounding a move to the Golden State. It does not matter. Last night revealed some deep emotions, and the answer was made clear: I'm going to California.

So a new burden is weighing on my mind. Where will I stay? What will I do? I could apply for Trail Crew at Yosemite, which would be an amazing opportunity, but the application is due Monday. Yet another thing for me to do in so little a time. What about some boats in the Bay area? In this economy, I believe every Tall-Ship is hurting and I doubt very much my services would be utilized.

Post nubila Phoebus. There is sun behind all this, and surely my efforts will dissipate the clouds. I predict a ray or two around Thanksgiving, and a full summer by December 16.

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