Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I was reading Siddhartha last night and I came across a passage I liked.

"Anyone can work magic, anyone can reach his goals if he can think, if he can wait, if he can fast."

I think that the first two parts are pretty self explanatory, and even the third part in the book is pretty clear. If one can be intelligent, if one has patience, then that works in their favor towards pursuing their goals. But the fasting part is what held me up at first.

See, in the book he goes on to talk about how if he learns to conquer hunger then he will not be forced into a situation of submittal due to his pain; He wont have to give in but may rather wait for an opportunity to present itself. While I don't think that fasting is a terribly effective tool in our modern time, I do believe that this passage still contains great meaning.

With his tools, thinking, waiting, and fasting, he may be like "a stone cast into water, it takes the swiftest way to the bottom." Thinking, waiting, and fasting are still applicable today, though my interpretation of fasting is now different.

If you seek a goal and you pursue it directly, then you may have to give up the distractions that stand in your way; things that would tempt you from your path, things that you may use in daily regularity. If these things hinder you from your goal they must be given up for a time so that you may reach your goal. Sacrifice is a strong word, but if you really strive for something, then you will sacrifice those things keeping you from your goal; at least until your journey is complete, then perhaps, your goal and your sacrifices may work together.

Think, Wait, Fast.

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