Monday, May 7, 2007

Weather vs. Coverings; may only the strongest survive

Today a epic battle was waged between the forces of nature and my body coverings.

First it was cold. I put on pants and a T-shirt. By the time my first class had finished the tides had turned.

I lashed back with a bold statement... khaki shorts. Alas! When I took my leave from McCarty Hall I was accosted by the wind and left robbed of my heat by the clouds looming over head.

I would not be outdone I vowed. So after another class I returned to McCarty where I got my sweatshirt. I insisted on sitting outside, though, it was in the shade on the deck behind Ian's. I didn't mind.

Time passed seemingly peacefully, perhaps the weather and I had found some mutual ground. But that mischievous orb in the sky had other plans.

I grew hot and my sweatshirt soon draped over the chair. Curse you weather! Make up your mind. It eventually became so nice, and by now my shade spot had been overrun by a brilliant golden light, that I retreated to the safety of my room. There I dawned my one final option hoping that soon the war would be over and both sides the victor.

Tank Top.

In the end, I spent hours enjoying the sunlight today. I played guitar, sat in the Quad, enjoyed the company of friends, watched multitudes of people stroll by. Seemingly by Gods own will the UW women were out in force today. Something about the sun makes them dress their finest. My eyes were opened, I must double my efforts to interact with such superb women. There is only a month remaining and in that month I'll have to shine.

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