Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let The Job Search Commence!

Today I biked and wandered for hours through the streets of Seattle carrying with me my precious parcels. I am, of course, speaking of my resume.

I applied to many institutions but there are very few which I think will respond to me. If I could have it my way, I would be working for the College Inn Pub which is one of the coolest pubs that I entered today. More likely, I'll be hearing back from this German pub I found on Greenwood Ave or one of their affiliates, the 74th Street Ale House, the Irish Emigrant, or Shultzy's Sausage. Anyhow, the point of the matter is that I've put myself out there for the food service industry and I'm hoping they'll like what they see. I've even changed my voice-mail message to be more "appropriate" in hopes that someone will call me back.

Other than that, I've been through two days of classes and I think it'll be a good quarter. There are a vast amount of beautiful women in my classes so that makes me hopeful, but I also like the material. I'm taking Com 201, an intro course, Soc 270, Social Problems, and Spanish 103. It's as if I've gone back to Freshman year, but again, that's fine with me; There is a lot of reading and paperwork, not so much problem solving or sciency stuff. I'm ok with that!

Anyway, It's my birthday in 3 days. I'm excited. I should go to bed. I'm going to get up early to do the homework I've neglected tonight! haha! Cheers,


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Judith said...

Happy Birthday to Zach!
Happy Birthday to Zach!
Happy Birthday dear Zachery!
Happy Birthday to you!
Yippee, Yahoo--the big 21!!