Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Wow I Feel Like a Pirate"

Last night, under the glow of the waning moon, a plan was set in motion to save the planet. Granted, it wasn't the most comprehensive plan, nor did it extend beyond that evening, but it was a world-saving plan nevertheless.

Cloaked in university apparel and athletic wear, two young men slipped silently into the mirky night to set upon their secret world changing adventure. I cannot say who these two men were, though I can say they are both quite hansom and any woman would be lucky to have either of these important world changing men.

They moved so casually that any observer would have only suspected they were two good friends enjoying a leisurely stroll in the crisp evening air. But it was so much more then that. Upon closer inspection, the observer might have noticed the moonlight glinting off an object held by one of the two men, or perhaps that, held in the other hand, there was something gently swaying with the wind.

This gently swaying parcel was secured the day prior at a festival. To many, that day was considered to be "Earth Day" and that parcel was, in fact, a sapling, given out gratuitously by two other very kind world-saving gentlemen. The sapling was cared for throughout the day by one of our two protagonists, and eventually it made its way to north Seattle where it would become the focal point for the top secret world-changing plan previously mentioned.

Before too long the casually strolling duo strayed from their worn concrete path and set foot upon the squidgy earth. Their heads craned and bowed looking for the perfect place, a place where a young tree could grow into an old tree. At the top of a hill overlooking a park, the two men set upon on their master plan. One of the men grabbed the tool that twinkled excitedly under the ebbing moon. He raised it above his head, and paused to take aim and add dramatic effect, then forced it down into the cold damp soil.

Working quickly, he pulled up scoop after scoop of dark earth until a small hole was made. Digging away, he paused for a moment and said to his companion, "Wow, I feel like I pirate". Before too long, the digging was done and the young tree was placed in its new home. Loving hands pushed the soil back around its fragile base. To two men got up from their work, then parted ways. The work was done, the plan was complete, and the Earth was saved... at least a little bit.

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